Class Overview

Class Overview

The Quenedit Ballet School offers year round professional level dance training for all dance levels and offers a day program for homeschooled students who are at ballet levels 5 and up.

Competition training is available for students at higher levels where they may compete as soloists in one or two classical pieces and one contemporary piece, or in ensemble pieces. This requires additional training in the form of private dance instruction with professional dance instructors.

Quenedit Ballet School teaches the Cuban ballet technique which is known for its strong technique and fast footwork. It encompasses the long extensions and strength from Russian technique, fast footwork from Italian technique, and head and arm movements from French technique. The QBS school year is made up of five eight-week terms which run mid-August through mid-June.  Separate classes and intensives are scheduled for summer study.  World renowned dancers are invited to our summer intensive each year as guest artists to enhance the learning experience for our dancers.

Make up Classes
If a student misses a class, he/she may make the class up in a class at the same level or a level below his/her current level. Make up classes may not be taken in a higher class level than what the student is enrolled and must be made within the Term the class is missed. Classes may not be made up in future Terms.

End of Year Performance
All students will have the opportunity to participate in the annual end of year performance. Participation is optional unless the student is a member of the pre-professional dance company, competing in competitions or on scholarship. In these cases, participation in the end of year performance is mandatory.

If a student does not participate in the end of year performance, he/she will continue to be included and learn the choreography for the performance piece during class time. For those who decide to participate, there will be a charge for costumes and tickets to the performance. Term V must be paid in full before costumes are released.

After purchasing a costume, if a student does not participate in the performance, the costume will not be released to the parent/student until after the performance date. QBS reserves the right to use the costume for another student. Parents will be reimbursed for the costume if used by another student.

PLEASE NOTE:  During Term V, some of the regularly scheduled class times will be used to rehearse the individual class performance pieces. There is also the possibility of class time changes to accommodate rehearsals as a group.

Class Placement
The artistic directors of Quenedit Ballet School are passionate and committed to the healthy progression of their students when choosing class levels. Every student has different talents and ability levels based on their individuality, and because of this, they will not all progress at the same rate. It is possible that students will not remain in the same class as their friends from year to year. Please keep in mind dance classes do not follow the academic grade school format and promotion to a new class level will be achieved based on merit and not on an annual basis.

The number of times a student studies per week, and his/her attendance may also have an important influence on how quickly he or she progresses. Summer intensive attendance plays a very important role in the advancement of all students.

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