Hello Ernesto and Catalina!

Congrats on your 25 years of teaching! What an accomplishment! A few comments from me,Thank you for helping me grow my passion for dance.You both were very nurturing, especially at theyoung age I was at, and really pushed me to be mybest. I will always remember your training was excellent and disciplined. I also remember manymemories of joy during my training years with you. Thank you for your encouragement, patience, and energy. I wouldn’t be here dancing professionally now without your help.Sending love from England,

Sarah Chun (Coryphee at Northern Ballet, Leeds,England)

“Ernesto was one of the most influential teachers in my early stages of ballet. I never left his class without a correction, and he was very encouraging and positive in helping me grow as a dancer. He always had a bright smile in the studio, and his energy was magnetic. I will always credit him to being one of the teachers to first make me realize that I could become a professional.”I hope I can take your class again one day! I still
remember some of your combinations!

Rachel Skipor (Dancer at SLK Ballet, New York, USA)

Arthur Stashak – works at Ballett am Rhein

I remember that Ernesto taught me my first variations! Don Que and Coppelia. Every Sunday we had a private variation class for an hour and he would push me so hard I wanted to collapse after. But he only only accepted my best and continued to push me more and see how far I could go….for that I will be forever grateful.

Also, I remember in ballet class Ernesto would be teaching the exercise to everyone and when he finished he would yell, with a big smile, “ARTURO! Show me the exercise!” And I would have to do the exercise by myself in front of everyone. Most of the time I didn’t know the exercise and everyone would laugh. He of course knew this, it was just his funny way of making me focus and learn.

Love you guys and hope to see you soon!!!

Arturo! (Dancer at Ballet am Rhein, Hamburg, Germany)

Dear Catalina and Ernesto,

I hope this email finds you well. We are getting settled up in Dallas and wanted to share some exciting news with you! Macky auditioned for Company at Epicenter for The Arts and she was accepted! The Director of Ballet told me that she has “obviously had exceptional training and instruction.” We want to share this with you and thank you both, Renee and Gisele for all of your efforts. You do have an exceptional program and Macky’s win is a direct reflection of all that youdo on a daily basis.

We thank you all so much for your belief and investment in Macky! We know that it was not always easy, but all that you did for her gave her the training, tools, fundamentals and above all else, the confidence to go for it! Her growth amazes us. We are incredibly proud of her and thank you ALL from the bottom of our hearts for helping her get here.Best wishes for continued success.

With gratitude,The McGrath’s

Careolin (Principal Danish Ballet, Copenhagen, Denmark)

When I first saw Catalina and Ernesto they were guesting in the Nutcracker in Chicago. I was a ballet student at the time and I was star struck by them and thought they were something really special. They were gorgeous dancers and danced with such honesty and passion with a flair I had not seen before. When I switched ballet schools at about 15 years old I was so excited to learn that Catalina and Ernesto were teaching and coaching at my new ballet school. Their teaching came at such an important time in my journey as a ballet student who had dreams of becoming a professional dancer one day. Because of their training in Mexico and Cuba Catalina and Ernesto had such a wealth of experience and knowledge to share that they learned from their great ballet masters. They really groomed me for competitions not only did they clean up my variations but they taught me to dig deep and tell the story when I performed a piece. Catalina and Ernesto have such a great understanding of the foundation of classic ballet but they also know so much about all styles and techniques from around the world that I had never been exposed to before which serve me today as a dancer who performs many types of ballets. What I love is their passion to share their legacy with dancers who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. Catalina and Ernesto always believed in me and had an incredibly valuable influence on me.Thanks again for everything you’ve given me! I wouldn’t be here in Denmark dancing my dreams without you’re guys’ support and foundation! Hope to see you soon!

All my love,
Careolin (Principal Danish Ballet, Copenhagen, Denmark)

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