The Floors


Quenedit Dance Theatre is housed within the Quenedit Ballet School has three dance studios and one stretch/conditioning studio.  The three dance studios are equipped with Harlequin flooring which were installed using Harlequin’s recommended installation.

Woodspring™sprung dance floor draws on concepts dating back to the 19th Century. Harlequin’s  modern interpretation blends a traditional construction approach with the technology of today’s materials. Starting with a triple layer of wooden bearers laid at right angles to one another onto shock-absorbent elastomer pads, then covered with marine grade plywood and topped with a Harlequin vinyl dance surface.

Harlequin Studio is one of Harlequin’s special hardwearing floor coverings. It is a complex vinyl construction incorporating a strong mineral fiber interply and a firm foam backing. The surface is produced from a hard-wearing vinyl and its formulation focuses on the demands of dancers. The result is a slip-resistant floor to reassure performers and a predicable surface to give confidence to dancers for demanding choreography and movement. The firm but lightweight foam backing helps to protect against hard subfloors.

A dancer’s interest in the quality and consistency of both the sprung floor and dance surface is for artistic performance as well as health reasons. Every step and jump is responded to by the quality of the floor underfoot. Every dance step or jump on an unyielding surface wears down the resilience of the body and brings about the risk of injury and the prospect of long-term damage.

Over the years, Harlequin has been involved with extensive research into reducing dancer injury while placing trust and innovation at the heart of everything it does to become a brand that dancers and performers depend on.


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